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6561 University Ave Windsor Heights, IA

Mon - Thurs

5pm - 7pm

Fri - Sun


(515) 494-2703

About Us

We've finally decided to obtain a commercial building after being at various locations over the years. Los Gallos Bravos Boxing now has a permanent location which us allows us to train and compete at the next level. So if you're serious about training be sure to come check us out

Our Workouts


Stretching for 5 - 10 mins before workout


30 reps of: Side Twists, Toe Touches, Jumping Jacks, Burpees, and Squats

Timed Workouts

Jumping Rope, Walk n' Punch, and Skipping

Punch Training

Shadow Boxing, Mitts Training, and Heavy Bag Training


1 on 1, Offense and Defense Training

Coach Jimmy

"I've been a registered coach with USA Boxing for 15 years. I enjoy traveling with the team to competitions and sparring because I believe that the experience and exposure are the best tools to learn and get to that next level" -Coach Jimmy

Our Reviews

12/2020 Via Google Reviews

"My son loves coming to this gym. Great coach and great atmosphere."

12/2020 Via Google Reviews

"BEST BOXING GYM IN TOWN! Come down and get in some good work!!"

12/2020 Via Google Reviews

1/2021 Via Google Reviews